Fishman, Robbins, Springer-Kemp comprise 2017 Hall of Fame class


Labor’s International Hall of Fame has announced that Sam Fishman, Matilda Robbins and Maida Springer-Kemp will be inducted during ceremonies to be held Thursday, May 18, at the UAW GM Center for Human Resources in Detroit. 

Fishman walked his first picket line when he was 12, was head of the powerful United Auto Workers Community Action Program for more than 12 years and served as president of the Michigan AFL-CIO.

Robins was a key IWW organizer in the 1912 Little Falls, NY, textile strike and one of two women of her era to work as an organizer for the Wobblies. She spent her life as a labor organizer, editor, and social worker 

Springer-Kemp was the first African-American woman to represent the United States labor movement abroad. She came to be known as "Mama Maida" during the 1950s when she achieved recognition by serving as a liaison between U.S. labor and the nascent labor movement in Africa.

The Induction Ceremony will begin at 6:00 PM, with a one-hour reception to preceed the event. Tickets for the event are $30. 

For more information contact Shawn D. Ellis at (313) 320-6964 or 

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